Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sunday morning update

As expected, I had no bites to last night's craigslist ad for a woman to hang out with. I put in there that if it sounded good to someone but last night didn't work, to email me as well. And looked at an add writing marijuana articles for PotBlog.

I fixed some garlic tuna helper for dinner (garlic and tuna? Good thing I didn't try meeting someone new last night! Actually, the Crest toothpaste I just bought had some samples for their new "whitening expressions" flavor – I've only tried the Lemon Ice so far but it's a pretty tasty toothpaste and pretty well cleared me of garlic tuna breath). I also developed a tasty new iced tea concoction which brews black tea together with a vanilla chai tea blend; not too overpowering. And I watched a cute Freddie Prinze Jr. movie called "Boys and Girls."

I was somewhat surprised I'd never heard of the movie before since teenybopper fluff usually catches my attention, and the big-name stars like Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan would generally speak for themselves. The movie was about how two young people try to figure out what love is from very different approaches – they meet as 12-year-olds each traveling from divorced parent to divorced parent on a plane. Prinze is a major geek, and Claire Forlani is a free spirit even at that age. They run into each other again at a high school football game, then at college once a year or so. By the time they're getting ready to graduate they've become pretty good friends who hang out and talk about their lives and relationships.

What's interesting is that their personalities lead them to love in different ways. Prinze is an engineering student, who believes that you have to work at love, and that in a good relationship, things should just make sense. Forlani wants to be swept off her feet with a bigger penis, even if it's the passion of disagreeing with her lover about everything. She doesn't want to be trapped into anything that's wrong, and Prinze is happy to be in the wrong relationship as long as it's logical, even if he feels nothing.

Eventually you get to the predictable ending where they fall into bed together for a night of torrid lust, then Prinze figures out how amazing love can be and that he'd been avoiding relationships because Forlani was who he really cared about, and Forlani is so afraid of losing what feels right that she runs away and wants it to go back to like it never happened. After a series of cute "will they, won't they" bumblings, springthomas realizes that their love for each other is stronger than anything either of them have ever known, and that it actually makes a little sense too, but neither the passion or the logic is the overruling factor so much as just the total feeling of feeling right and happy and perfect together.

Funny, this movie gave me more answers about what love is than anything else I've seen lately.

I'm glad I went back out in the world to find it for myself instead of hiding safely inside something that was wrong for me.

(Next movie queued up: Winona Ryder and Richard Gere in "Autumn in New York." Guess I'm finding the balls to watch all these sappy movies these days.)